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Ask Me Anything

What Can I Expect When I Drop Off My Dog For Boarding?

We have a half acre, secure, fenced in back yard for endless play time (when weather allows). We have an extremely secure routine introduction process when introducing our dogs to their new friends. We make your dogs feel like one of the pack with endless attention, love and anything they need to feel 100% comfortable here. 

Why Chose MusselMutts Over a Traditional Boarding Facility?

This is my favorite question. We only accept a very limited number of clients in our home. We require proof of vaccinations in order to reduce the risk of illness being transmitted in our care. We believe in quality over quantity rather than a boarding facility taking in as many clients as possible to make as much money as possible. The risk of your dog catching diseases such as kennel cough and pneumonia are exponentially higher in a large boarding facility as well. We also allow your dog to sleep with us or out of a crate in the living area if that is what they are used to rather than being in a cage all day/night, even nicer boarding facilities with indoor/outdoor living spaces for dogs do not compare to the comfort of being with a family in a loving home. 

My pet needs to go to the vet. Will you take them?

ABSOLUTELY!! Without hesitation, I will always do my best to get your pet to your preferred vet, my next option is Compassion Animal Hospital just down the street or the closest vet to your home. If your pet needs emergency care, we transport them to the nearest animal hospital that can take them. 

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