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"Why Chose MusselMutts?"

MusselMutts takes a very limited number of clients in our home in order to provide the top notch, individualized care and attention your pet(s) (and our pets) deserve. We are very far from your traditional "kennel" in the best ways possible. Here are just a few reasons why you should chose us over traditional kenneling or large scale boarding:


  • First of all, we do not actually have any "kennels" on the property! Your pup will be with us, in our home or playing in the half acre of fenced in play space at all times. 

  • In the event we do leave the home for a short period of time, we take the time to know how your pup is used to being left at home rather that means leaving the TV on for them, making them a peanut butter Kong to keep them entertained or maybe your pup is working through some separation anxiety and isn't quite ready to be left home alone yet, just let us know!

  • We even accommodate almost any sleeping arrangement your pup is used to at home, including sleeping with us in our bed. 

  • Above all else, we take the time to get to know your pets individual care needs in order to make them most comfortable while they stay with us!

Photos From Past Slumber Parties!

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